Youth Sports Fundraising

Our Commitment and Passion For Supporting Youth Sports
We care about our next generation of athletes and research shows that participating in youth sports helps young people reach their full potential. Youth athletes experience:

  1. Improved Physical Health
    • Improve heart and lung function
    • Reduces risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer
    • Up to 30% greater bone density1
  2. Increased Academic Performance
    • 23% higher GPA’s
    • 51% fewer school absences
    • Student athletes are 400% more likely to attend college
  3. Better Social Skills and Psychological Benefits
    • 28% less likely to resort to physical violence
    • 65% more likely to believe teachers and other adults care about them
    • 85% more likely to report that their friends care about them
    • 25% less likely to experience major depression and 37% less likely to feel hopeless

ElimiShield is part of Bryson Industries’ “Purchase With Purpose™” Program! All of us at Bryson are committed to improving our communities by supporting youth sports, ministries and other charitable organizations. Email to learn more about fundraising opportunities for your Organization.

(SOURCES) Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research and Prevention, JAMA Internal Medicine and U.S. Dept of Education